How it Works?

Anonymous commenting works by installing our browser extension. This extension installs our commenting platform into any (almost) browser. Once installed, you can leave comments on any website.


To install, click on the browser you are using below. More supporting browsers to come (in case you don't see your browser)

Once installed, a Comanon icon will appear around the location bar. Clicking the icon will toggle our commenting platform.


Our Promise

We promise to never make associations with information that would in some way relate a comment to a real person.

We promise to never share your comments or any information with 3rd parties.

If we determine that a "Valid" and "Reasonable" search warrant is authorized, we will work with authorities to provide them with information that they need all with in bounds of the law. We have ZERO tolerance for unwarranted requests. Considering all valid comments are publicly available, shouldn't be a problem!

Let it be clear that we WILL NOT give any such agencies unwarranted access to scour our database. we will share only the information that they request. We will publicly announce to our users when a reasonable request is required.

Your Promise

Using or interacting with our service in any way constitutes the following terms.

You agree NEVER to use our service for posting SPAM.

You agree NEVER to exploit the anonymity of a user.

You agree NEVER to collect or store any information that is sent to or from our website.

You agree that you are NOT using our service in affiliation with a law enforcement agency, government agency, or relating institution.

Unless there is a "Valid" and "Reasonable" search warrant, law enforcement, government, or any relating institutions are prohibited from using our service.

Your agree NOT to hack or exploit our service in any way. If you have discovered a volubility, please report it to us mediately so that we can fix. Report such volubilities to: Remember this is a free service that we have given humanity. Please be a good person and help us with matters of security.

Search engines, bots, and indexers agree to NEVER collect or store any information from our website unless its our landing page. All information that is transmitted to our database is prohibited from being indexed, copied, or stored in any manner.

Anyone trying to hijack information being transmitted to our service regardless of how it is being sent (e.g. a HTML forms, API), is prohibited.

Browser Vendors - Agree to NEVER collect or intercept any information transmitted through a browser, to our services in anyway. This includes but is not limited to forms, fields, inputs, textareas, and or any other undiscovered way of attempting to retrieve information.

Hosting providers - Agree that they DO NOT have any back-doors that would allow authorized users or government agencies access into your servers without our prior knowledge or consent. If you do NOT agree with this DO NOT provide hosting services to Us.

We are always open to improving our terms. Feel free to suggest how we can make such improvements.

You MUST agree to all terms in order to use our service.

If we determine that an individual, government entity, business entity, etc.. has violated our agreement in any way, legal action will follow.

These terms are subject to change at anytime without notice.


If anyone discovers a bug or a security exploit, we would appropriate it if you would report these to us.

We are always looking for talented engineers who can donate a few hours towards making this a better more secure service. Would you like to help? Email us at:

If you would still like to help but lack the time or technical know how, please consider donating! Many long hours went into creating this free service for everyone to enjoy.

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